Eye care for Adults

Sydney Ophthalmic Specialists also provide a wide range of services in the field of adult eye care including sub-speciality ophthalmology services and routine eye examinations. Adult strabismus is a complex and sensitive area which requires a tailored approach. As well as treating visual symptoms we specialise in restorative surgery to realign the eyes. We also offer a full range of reconstructive and cosmetic oculoplastic care. Our comprehensive general ophthalmology service offers medical eye examinations as well as diagnostic and treatment services for visual or ocular complaints including diabetes, dry eyes and blepharitis, glaucoma, macular degeneration and cataracts. We use the latest technology in spectral domain OCT scanning, visual field analysis and IOL Master A scans.

We treat a range of symptoms such as blurry vision, poor night vision, transient loss of vision, loss of visual field, sudden loss of vision, difficulty with near vision, eye pain, red eyes, eye fatigue, itching or burning, discharge, excess tearing, double vision and itching or redness of the eyelids.
Patients entrusting us with their eye care are assured of the dedication and care our doctors and staff will provide. We invite you to visit us in our purpose built rooms in Macquarie Street, and look forward to welcoming you. We are sure you will find an atmosphere that is professional, caring and friendly. So when it comes to eye care for adults or a regular eye check up, Sydney Ophthalmic Specialists brings you quality and experience to serve your better.