Blind and Visually Impaired Can “See” Masterpieces

The Museo del Prado in Madrid is currently holding an exhibition showcasing six 3-D copies of famous artworks. The exhibition called “Touching the Prado” is designed at making art accessible to the blind and giving the blind or people with visual impairment the ability to discover artworks through touch.

The exhibition includes 3-D copies of the “Mona Lisa”, “The Nobleman With His Hand on His Chest”, and “The Parasol”.
The exhibition is not the first of its kind. Several Museums across Europe have showcased 3-D artworks for the blind and vision impaired. The Louvre in Paris has a permanent tactile gallery for the blind and visually impaired, which contains copies of some of its sculptures. The Denver Art Museum in Colorado also has a permanent tactile art area.
Unfortunately, no museums in Sydney or Australia have recently held an exhibition aimed at making art more accessible to the blind or visually impaired.
The exhibition runs until June 28.
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