Congenital cataracts removed to restore sight

Congenital cataracts can be devastating to the visual development of a young child. Clouding in the lens of an eye cause the vision to be obscured. Fortunately modern day surgery can restore at least partial sight in an unseeing child’s eye, particularly when operated on at a young age. Below is an excerpt of the uplifting story of a young boy that was adopted from china, and went from running into walls to being able to see.


Faye Corman was leading the little boy with the deep brown eyes across the train platform when all of a sudden he stopped, planted his feet, and refused to move.

“Come on, Jon Paul,” she urged him. No luck.

She and her husband had adopted the three-year-old from China a few months before, and communication was still tricky. There was the language barrier, sure, but also, the boy was blind – and always had been, as far as anyone knew.

He’d just had a second surgery at Wills Eye Hospital, Philadelphia, United States, but the doctors did not hold out much hope that he would see.

Suddenly, Jon Paul leaned forward, almost as though he were looking at something – looking? – and reached down to the concrete floor of the PATCO train station in Westmont.

He picked up a shiny, silvery gum wrapper. His mother started to cry.


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If you have any concerns about your child’s vision, or notice a white pupil in lights or in photos, a vision check is essential.