Eye Doctor Performs Cataract Surgery on 10,000 Eyes

Today we came across an inspirational story about a Nepalese Ophthalmologist, Dr Sanduk Ruit, who has performed cataract surgery on 10,000 eyes of the poor and disadvantaged in Nepal.

Not only has he performed so many cataract surgeries, he has also set up a network of hospitals, day clinics, outreach clinics, training programs and an eye bank in Nepal through the Himalayan Cataract Project.

In Australia, cataract surgery is the most commonly performed of any surgery. Cataract surgery in Australia uses the most advanced machinery and surgical techniques to ensure it is minimally invasive. This makes cataract surgery quite expensive, and certainly too expensive to perform in most third world countries. Dr Ruit has developed a technique for cataract surgery for the third world which is far more cost-effective, costing only $25 per eye. Dr Ruit hopes to expand his care model to Africa in the near future. Sydney Ophthalmic Specialists thinks this is a very exciting cataract project. To learn more, visit www.cureblindness.org

If you would like further information about how our ophthalmologists perform cataract surgery in Sydney, please contact Sydney Ophthalmic Specialists on (02) 9241 2913. Our cataract surgeons are Dr Michael Jones, Dr Craig Donaldson, Dr Caroline Catt and Dr Daniel Polya.