Eyes on the Future: Australian University building Robots With Vision

The Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia has just opened the Australian Centre for Robotic Vision. The aim of the Australian Centre for Robotic Vision is to transition robots from the factory floor into the real world by somehow giving them human-like vision. Currently, most robots are limited to at best rudimentary functions, and robotic-type work (pardon the pun). Most robots currently work in the manufacturing sector building cars and electronic equipment.

The Australian Centre for Robotic Vision is working on the next generation of robot. Robots that can see, that are visually enabled and have hand-eye coordination skills.

The Australian Centre for Robotic Vision currently has a robot called Baxter who can pick capsicum off a tree, and play a game of connect-four. This may not sound all that impressive, but it is quite an amazing achievement if you think about the complexities of the human eye.

For further information about vision enabled robot development, visit the Queensland University of Technology’s Australian Centre for Robotic Vision:



View the original article on the ABC http://mobile.abc.net.au/news/2015-03-09/qld-researchers-aim-to-build-robots-that-are-more-human/6291860

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