Glaucoma in Children

World Glaucoma Week: Infantile Glaucoma

March 12-18 this year is World Glaucoma Week.

Dr Martin infantile glaucoma 2

Dr Caroline Catt was interviewed about infantile glaucoma this week as part of the RANZCO coverage of world glaucoma week. Dr Caroline Catt talks about knowing the signs of childhood and infantile glaucoma, and the importance of early detection and treatment of childhood glaucoma. “Glaucoma refers to a group of chronic eye diseases which cause damage to the optic nerve resulting in vision loss. Babies with glaucoma display specific signs that help diagnose glaucoma early on, if you know what you’re looking for and maintain an index of suspicion,” explained Dr Caroline Catt, a RANZCO Fellow and one of Australia’s leading Paediatric Ophthalmologists. “Early detection and proper treatment is instrumental as this can result in the reversal of some of the damage caused by childhood glaucoma and help delay the progression of the disease,” added Dr Catt.

To read the full media release for world glaucoma awareness week, click on the link to the RANZCO website: childhood glaucoma

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