LEGO shines a light on Amblyopia Treatment

New LEGO figurines encourage amblyopia treatment

The newest release of LEGO® Minifigures Series 25 has excited the doctors and orthoptists at Sydney Ophthalmic Specialists by including a figurine wearing an eye patch. The ‘train kid’ mini figurine wears glasses and a patch.

Patching is an effective treatment for children with ‘lazy eyes’ which we refer to as Amblyopia and is commonly prescribed by eye doctors and orthoptists. We are always looking for incentives to encourage compliance with patching and make children feel more confident while they wear their patch.

Representation in popular media like LEGO, books and movies are excellent ways we can normalise  patching for our patients and families.  We look forward to seeing patching and glasses more frequently in toys to promote children’s eye care and will update you with any new finds!