New research finding gives hope for people with double vision

At Sydney Ophthalmic Specialists, we often see patients with complex histories of double vision, strabismus (often called lazy eye) and reduced vision. Dr Frank Martin, Dr Craig Donaldson, Dr Michael Jones, Dr Caroline Catt, Dr Peter Martin, and also our Neuro-ophthalmologist Dr Clare Fraser are all leading experts in the field of double vision. We also have a team of four orthoptists with extensive knowledge of non-surgical management of double vision.

In an exciting new development in the vision world, researchers have pinpointed the exact location in our brain where double vision from the two eyes is registered, and where in most cases, the images are combined to form a single image.

This research may help pave the way for advancements in the treatment of childhood visual impairment caused by amblyopia, strabismus, and lazy eye.

The area identified is the striate cortex, which is located in the visual cortex. This breakthrough was made possible through brain scanning using sophisticated MRI’s.

Researchers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison reported this breakthrough in the journal Current Biology.

For the full article, please visit Science Daily:

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