Orthoptics Awareness 2018

Orthoptics Awareness Week 2018

Orthoptics Awareness Week is happening now! March 5th-9th, 2018. It is a week long awareness campaign for both the profession of Orthoptics but also for the importance of regular eye examinations for eye related issues.

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What Is An Orthoptist?

Orthoptists are university trained eye healthcare professionals. They are trained in the assessment and treatment of patients with eye disorders. Orthoptists are uniquely skilled in ophthalmic diagnostics & specialise in eye movement disorders, children’s vision & low vision care. They work across a range of settings including hospitals, private practices and research centres.

At Sydney Ophthalmic Specialists, our Orthoptists provide an integral service to our patients & assist in maintaining the flow of the clinic. We have a total of seven part time Othoptists at Sydney Ophthalmic Specialists; Katrina, Amanda, Sarita, Milia, Sue, Katherine & Genevieve. They each work to establish an excellent rapport with our patients, particularly our younger patients and they are responsible for performing all of the diagnostic tests prior to the patient seeing the Ophthalmologist.

Orthoptists assist patients with all sorts of eye conditions, such as Strabismus, Macular Degeneration, Glaucoma & Cataracts.

For more information on Orthoptics Awareness Week visit http://www.orthoptics.org.au/