RANZCO Annual Scientific Conference

Our ophthalmologists Dr Frank Martin and Dr Craig Donaldson, along with one of our orthoptists Milia Ferris, recently made the trip over the ditch to windy Wellington in New Zealand, to attend the 72nd Orthoptics Australia Annual Scientific Conference and the 47th Annual Scientific Congress of RANZCO (Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Ophthalmologists).

The conferences are a chance for the best eye doctors in Australia and New Zealand to meet and discuss the latest developments in ophthalmology, and to learn about the most up to date research conducted by ophthalmologists and orthoptists, as well as to listen to fascinating talks from acclaimed and invited guest speakers.
Our orthoptist Milia attended, and here are her insights:

The highlights of RANZCO and the Orthoptics Australia conferences this year included:

– Sydney Ophthalmic Specialists’ own ophthalmologist Dr Frank Martin was an invited speaker at the conference. Dr Frank  Martin gave 2 presentations. His first presentation was on strabismus – consecutive exotropia, and his second presentation was on fourth nerve palsies. Both of Dr Frank Martin’s presentations were very popular, with over 200 of Australia and New Zealand’s best eye doctors in attendance.
– Sydney Ophthalmic Specialists’ own ophthalmologist Dr Craig Donaldson gave a very entertaining presentation on Duane’s syndrome in children. Dr Craig Donaldson was also an invited speaker, and presented to a packed auditorium of ophthalmologists. Dr Craig Donaldson and Dr Frank Martin discussed the latest expert surgical techniques, with questions fielded by the top ophthalmologists in Australia and New Zealand.
– Dr Fiona Rowe, a British Orthoptist who wrote the go-to Orthoptic textbook “Clinical Orthoptics”. Dr Rowe presented an interesting talk on eye movement disorders and treatments.
– Lissette Wesseling presented a very inspirational talk on her own vision journey. Lissette lost her sight at a young age, and went on to have a successful career as a soprano and also became a Braille consultant.
– Discussions on very important issues currently facing many of our patients – the myopia epidemic, strategies to slow myopia progression, diabetic eye disease and the increased economic burden diabetic eye disease brings due to the ageing population in Australia.

The socialising side to any ophthalmology and orthoptic conference is always a highlight! Catching up with, and re-kindling professional connections with orthoptists and ophthalmologists from Sydney and Australia (and of course our NZ counter-parts) is a great way of sharing knowledge in our small eye-world.