RBA to Introduce Tactile Banknotes for the Visually Impaired

Connor McLeod is a very inspirational young boy. The 13-year-old from Sydney has taken on the Reserve Bank of Australia, and won.

Connor’s crusade started when he was given money at Christmas time. He had to rely on his mum to tell him which notes were which, because Connor is legally blind. Connor lodged a complaint with the Human Rights Commission against the RBA’s current banknotes. He argued that the banknotes were discriminatory for people with vision impairment. He started a petition which saw 57,000 people support the campaign. This week, the RBA announced that it will be introducing tactile banknotes to assist blind and visually impaired people identify the different banknote denominations. The new designs have not yet been released. What an achievement for a young child – we can’t wait to hear what other inspirational things Connor will achieve for those living with a visual impairment in Australia in the years to come.

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