Retinoblastoma World App

The very clever people at The Children’s Eye Cancer Foundation of Germany (KinderAugenKrebsStiftung or KAKS) have developed an App to help families and individuals with Retinoblastoma connect across the globe. The Children’s Eye Cancer Foundation of Germany are a great not-for-profit charity that works worldwide, connecting and providing support for  patients, survivors, parents, doctors, clinics, foundations and organisations that deal with Retinoblastoma.

Amongst the many amazing things that this charity does, one thing that stands out to us is that they will send an Elli toy out to any child with Retinoblastoma worldwide. Elli is no ordinary toy – she is a plush elephant with a removable eye. We have had many Elli’s sent to us from KAKS over the years for our Retinoblastoma children. Please visit this link for more information about Elli

The App that KAKS has developed is a means of enabling communication between people with retinoblastoma. You can download the free App from the GooglePlay or App store by searching “RB world App”. For further information on the App, please visit

For more information about The Children’s Eye Cancer Foundation of Germany (KAKS) please visit

RB world App