Study Links Diet and Cataracts

A British study due to be published this June in the journal Ophthalmology, has found that a diet rich in Vitamin C can help ward off the development of cataracts.

Researchers from the Kings’ College London examined data of 324 sets of female twins, and followed up with these subjects 10 years later. The researchers found that women who reported a higher dietary intake of Vitamin C were 33% less likely to have developed cataracts or had significant progression in their cataracts after 10 years.

We have known for some time about the benefits to eye health of eating a healthy, balanced diet. It is well known that diet plays a role in the prevention of age-related macula degeneration and more recently we have learned that this is also the case for glaucoma. Now it looks as if we can add cataracts to the list.

So the take home message? A diet high in Vitamin C may be protective against cataract development and progression, so start eating oranges, grapefruit and broccoli regularly for better eye health!

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