The Tedium of Drops and Ointments

While recovering from his vitrectomy, Professor Nathan Efron found his eye drop and ointment regimen to be a tedious episode during his personal journey of retinopexy, cryopexy, vitrectomy and IOL surgery.
Although eye care practitioners undoubtedly take great care in considering the right combination, dosage and application frequency of topical eye medications they prescribe, I suspect only scant attention is paid to the practicalities of how patients ought to go about instilling eye drops and ointments. We just take this for granted: of course, everyone knows how to do this… don’t they?


Well, in my case, and I suspect in the case of many patients, the answer is ‘no’. Having never had to self-administer eye drops or ointments before, I was at a total loss as to how to do this. Not only did I have to develop techniques for getting these medications into my eye, but I also had to deal with sometimes complex logistical arrangements for instilling different drops at different frequencies.


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